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Recent 2017 testimonials!!
'Barbara, you were absolutely wonderful! Thank you for being our first event in the new space for Danville Library!  I have read through your books purchased (that I) purchased for my grandchildren and you have done a marvelous job of writing!  We want you to come back again.  When our activity room is finished we will have you back for literacy evening with parents!  Remember, I want you to do a story hour in the children's area sometime too.  Story hours are the 4th Saturday of each month at 1-:30am.  February is our big Fancy Nancy deal (42 girls came last time squished in our little uptown library!!) Nancy Martin, elementary teacher at Morning Sun elementary

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"Hi Barb, Just wanted to let you know that your presentation at St. Daniel the Prophet Family Literacy night was outstanding! Your section on writing, revising and editing was great for the 2nd through 5th grade students because it fits right in with our current curriculum! The stories shared were enjoyed by children and parents alike! Great job! Can't wait for the next published book!" Nancy Padgett Literacy night Coordinator St/ Daniel the prophet School Chicago, IL 10/28/13

What's Been Said About: Harry The Mouse Who Lived in My Car

"What-a delightful story! I Love the dual point-of-view and the clever illustrations." Sue Thies, Editorial Director, Perfection Learning Corp., Cline, IA, 2010

"Barbara Carroll was a visitor in my kindergarten classroom at Oak Hill Elementary in Lowell, IN. -She along with a third grade student took turns reading from her new book, Harry The Mouse Who Lived in My Car.-- Barbara played the part of herself and the third grade student played the part of the mouse. -My students were very attentive and into the story through its entirety. -The students seemed to rally enjoy the 2 different parts that the story encompassed and were very intrigued to find the mouse on each page. -After the reading, Barbara came prepared with a reinforcing kindergarten appropriate activity. -The students really enjoyed connecting with the story through this activity. -I would highly recommend this book for multiple grade levels. -The vocabulary within the book would be a great way to extend this story in upper grades. -This book would also be a great skit for Readers Theater. -Without hesitation, I would recommend this book within a classroom curriculum. -Or for a fun and engaging reading material for children." -Kimberly Johnson, Oak Hill Elementary-

Sarah Richardson,-3rd grade reader,-Oak Hill Elementary, Chicago, IL, 2010.

Sarah read Harry The Mouse part, wearing a mouse costume. She had practiced the part with Ms. Kim Johnson, the K teacher.

Sarah’s comments:

"I liked the story. It was really cute and funny."

When asked about the hard words in Harry’s part, she said, "Oh yes, there were four hard words but I could read them. Mayhem, strife, debris, furrow."

* Karina and Sarrah wanted to see the “real” Harry in the blue car cage.

* Teya liked when Harry was caught and put in the cage.

* Rhiannon liked when Harry caught the cherry tomato.

* Lucas liked the part when the lady caught Harry and made him her pet.

Ms. Kim Johnson, Kindergarten teacher Oak Hill Elementary School, Lowell Indiana, gave this assessment of the book and possible extension activities for use in the classroom.

"I really liked the introduction to the story. The dual parts were a unique feature that I have not seen in a book before. This book could be extended to include activities like vocabulary development, points of view. It would also make a very good read aloud big book for use in the classroom. Then the pictures would be bigger and the children could have fun locating Harry on the pages .The book could also be used on lots of different reading levels."

K extension activity was a large minivan cut out and glued on construction paper. The children could then select from nine clip art critters that might be living in their car. A sentence completion activity was also included, where the name of the animal was selected , circled and printed on the line in the sentence.

"As Director of Education, I am always looking for ideas to encourage students to read. -Barbara Carroll has written a wonderful children's book that has beautiful illustrations, great rhythmic flow, and it's fun and entertaining. -I would use this book as part of an educational piece to engage and teach the fundamentals of reading." -Nancy Mayo, Director of Education, Evergreen Park, IL, 2010.

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